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Phoenix Body Lift Surgery – Upper and Lower Body Lifts

A body lift, Phoenix plastic surgeons explain, can be used to achieve body contouring while removing excess skin on both the upper and lower parts of the body, often post bariatric surgery or after massive weight loss. Like many in the Phoenix area, you may be wondering, what exactly is a body lift, or which plastic surgeon to choose for your body lift surgery.  Often the best way to have great before and after results is to find a Phoenix area plastic surgeon who understands body lifting surgery, and is specially trained in both upper and lower body contouring.

Before Body Lift Surgery

During a surgical consultation, the Plastic surgeon for body lift surgery you choose will likely discuss issues such as your physical condition as well as your post surgery goals, to help establish your candidacy for surgery.  One should also expect to speak in depth about the several different types of surgical techniques available, that plastic surgeons use to reshape both the upper and lower parts of the anatomy.  Procedures included in a total body lift are:
• Brachioplasty for the Arm • Mastopexy for the Breast •  Abdominoplasty for the Abdomen • Inner and Outer Thigh Lift
Buttock Lifting A body lift that includes just the mid and lower body lifting procedures is also called a belt lipectomy, which seems to have become a more sought after post MLW procedure in recent years.

Best Surgery for You?
While a person may have control over their weight loss, there isn’t a non surgical way to re-elasticize stretched skin, which is often uncomfortable and can lead to health problems.  It can also affect a person’s self confidence and prevent them from being able to enjoy new found freedom after weight loss.  Total body-lift surgery should be broken up into multiple surgeries, based on the amount of tissue removal needed in each area, as well as other factors that patients should discuss with their plastic surgeon.

Post bariatric Plastic Surgery Those in who emerge victorious from their post weight loss journey should choose surgeons who understand the different surgical approach that often needs to be taken for post bariatric surgery patients when compared to those who seek the procedure as a result of natural aging.
If you are considering surgery, the doctor you choose will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.  In general, candidates should be at a stable weight and be non-smokers as well as be psychologically prepared for the possibility of undergoing multiple procedures and the recovery associated with them.