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Breast Reduction

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Thinking about getting a Breast Lift?
A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy is a cosmetic procedure that women often elect to undergo as a way to reshape, firm up, and give an upward lift to sagging breasts. This type of surgery is generally very effective for those women who feel that their breasts have become saggy or droopy following pregnancy, after breastfeeding or massive weight loss. The effects of natural aging, or genetics can also play a roll in breast sagging.
Breast lift surgery can also be used to decrease the size of the areola, which is the dark skin that surrounds the nipples.
There are many different surgical techniques that plastic surgeons offer their patients. Your plastic surgeon will work with you to select the correct breast lift procedure based on the size and droopiness (called “ptosis”) of your breasts so that your procedure can result in optimal lift and reshaping, while minimizing as much visible scarring as possible.
Variations of breast lift surgery, Phoenix plastic surgeons note, are often referred to by the type of incision plastic surgeons use for surgery. The most common types of breast lift surgery include: full mastopexy (anchor lift), concentric or Benelli mastopexy (donut lift), and vertical or short scar mastopexy (lollipop lift).
The full mastopexy procedure involves multiple incisions that form an inverted T-shape: in the crease underneath the breast, around the areola, and between the areola and bottom of the breast. The plastic surgeon removes excess skin, elevates the breast, and often, reduces the size of the areola.
Concentric Breast Lift technique: Plastic surgeons use egg-shaped circular incisions around the areola and nipple. The skin outside the areola is removed, and the nipple is replaced higher up on the breast. A vertical mastopexy combines incisions around the areola with a vertical incision running from the bottom of the areola to the bottom of the breast. Surgeons sometimes use a variation of vertical mastopexy called the crescent lift, and remove a moon-shaped piece of skin from the bottom of the breast.
Research suggests that vertical mastopexy procedures often produce the best long-term results. Surgeons can use a specific technique (superior medial pedicle procedure) to preserve fullness in the upper portion of your breast when shaping the contours. After the superior medial pedicle procedure, the breast tends to retain the new shape longer, and there is less lower breast drooping across time.
Generally speaking breast lift surgery is designed to lift and shape the breasts, rather than substantially enlarge them. After discussing with their plastic surgeons their goals for mastopexy, some women choose to combine what is often referred to as “breast lift augmentation” to increase their cup size.
You are a good candidate for mastopexy if you are over the age of 18, have drooping breasts, are physically and mentally healthy, and want to address your dissatisfaction with your breast ptosis or sagging. You must also be comfortable with the notion that surgery may result with some degree of visible scarring. Prospective patients must also understand that mastopexy procedures are not permanent, as gravity and natural aging likely will cause future drooping and sagging to occur.
One is generally not a good candidate for mastopexy if they plan to get pregnant or lose an excessive amount of weight in the future, as both tend to cause a loosening of the skin and ligaments that support the breasts. Mastopexy procedures are typically done in an outpatient setting and under general anesthesia, thus patients are completely asleep. Surgery typically will last 1 ½ to 3 ½ hours or more as determined by your surgeon. After the procedure and throughout the initial recovery phase, you will likely be directed by your doctor to wear special foundation garments over surgical tape or sutures and gauze dressings
Breast Lift Surgery Phoenix
Phoenix plastic surgeons agree that in the right hands, breast lift surgery is a great way for women to address dissatisfaction with the appearance of their breasts. While rare, Phoenix plastic surgeons warn that patients can have unsatisfactory outcomes if the plastic surgeon in Phoenix they choose is not specially trained to perform breast lift surgery. Some Phoenix plastic surgeons warn potential patients against traveling outside of the country, for their mastopexy. While it may be true that breast lift surgey may cost more in the Phoenix and scottsdale area, when compared to other parts of the world, plastic surgeons explain that slightly higher costs of breast lift surgery are well worth it, when compared to the prices of revision surgery, or the physical and emotional toll that unnecessary cosmetic procedures can have on the body.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeons for Breast Lift
With a mastopexy, as is the case with all types of surgery, there are some risks and complications that plastic surgeons in Phoenix make their patients aware of. Generally speaking, when a skilled Phoenix plastic surgeon performs a breast lift surgery, many of the risks and complications associated with the procedure can be minimized.
Those seeking a breast lift in Phoenix should keep in mind that complications from surgery can sometimes occur, even if their plastic surgeon uses the best techniques possible. While side effects from mastopexy are rare, they are a reality that patients should be aware of. If you are feeling incredible pain after your procedure, beyond what you were told to expect by your doctor, don’t hesitate to contact the plastic surgeon who performed your breast lift immediately, to have them evaluate your condition.
If your plastic surgeon tells you that you are not experiencing any complications or side effects, but you believe otherwise, do not hesitate to contact another plastic surgeon in Phoenix for a second opinion.
Breast Lift Phoenix
For those considering breast lift surgery in Phoenix, often, a good first step is to meet with a specially trained plastic surgeon, to learn the facts about breast lift surgery. Phoenix women who understand their options for breast lift surgery prior to meeting with plastic surgeons in Phoenix for a breast lift consultation, often have the opportunity to spend more time discussing their needs and goals with their plastic surgeon.
Your Consultation
Phoenix plastic surgeons explain that breast lift surgery is an effective surgical procedure that can address a women’s dissatisfaction with the appearance of her breasts. Reasons for desiring mastopexy surgery are often very personal in nature, however it is important that patients are able to discus their motivations for seeking a breast lift during their consultation with their plastic surgeon. This information can help plastic surgeons gain a great deal of insight into their patients needs, as well as get a better understanding as to the type of results their patients expect from surgery.
One should be prepared for the plastic surgeons in Phoenix they meet with, to perform an exam, as doing so will enable them to better understand your current condition, including the amount of tissue laxity present, and how much surgical correction will be required. In many cases, surgeons use information they receive during a patient’s consultation and exam, to provide them with the best options to choose from for surgery.
The options plastic surgeons in Phoenix make available to patients usually are a result of several factors including the patient’s overall health and well being, as well as their prior medical history. Doctors look at things such as the date of a women’s most recent mammogram, and also for a history of breast cancer, to help determine a patient’s candidacy for surgery.
Phoenix Breast Lift – Options
A breast lift, Phoenix plastic surgeons note, can effectively address many concerns that some Phoenix area women experiencing breast ptosis might have, including the feeling of dissatisfaction with regard to excess drooping and sagging. Plastic surgeons specializing in breast lift surgery can surgically correct breast ptosis, which provides patients with a more shapelier bust line. If larger breasts are desired augmentation surgery with implants can often be performed in combination with breast lift surgery.
Phoenix Breast Lift for You
The plastic surgeon in Phoenix for breast lift surgery you choose, will select the best breast lift surgery technique for you based on factors that include the amount of volume lost, and degree of sagging you experience. Breast ptosis or sagging is considered minor when the areola is in line with what is called the inframammary fold, the area where the breasts meets the chest wall. If the nipple area falls significantly below the fold, ptosis can be either moderate to severe, where in some cases the nipple actually points in a downward direction. Patients who express dissatisfaction can have their plastic surgeon augment the size of their nipple area during breast lift surgery.
Plastic Surgeons in Phoenix – Breast Lift Options
Crescent: Using a periareolar incision, a half-moon incision is made over the areola, and a crescent-shaped amount of skin is removed, then pulled upward and sutured, providing a small amount of lifting. This breast lift surgery is effective for patients with minor sagging, and allows for scars to be minimal.
Benelli: Involves a circumareolar or doughnut shape incision allowing for the nipple to be surgically moved higher. Similar to the crescent procedure, the Benelli works well to correct minor to moderate drooping, while minimizing the amount of scaring that is visible.
Bennelli-Lollipop: This technique uses a vertical incision and involves removing skin above and also below the areola. The result is a circle around the areola and a vertical line stretching down to the inframammary fold. A large degree of lifting can be achieved with this procedure.
Plastic Surgeon for Breast Lift Phoenix AZ
Choosing the best plastic surgeon Phoenix has to offer for your breast lift surgery needs, is an important step that those desiring a breast lift in Phoenix AZ, often over look. In some instances, the plastic surgeon for breast lift in Phoenix AZ you choose for surgery, can have a significant impact on your before and after results, as well as your overall satisfaction with the outcome. When looking to find Phoenix plastic surgeons for breast lift surgery, experience, board certification, and bedside manner are important factors one should consider.
Phoenix Breast Lift – Board Certified
When seeking out a plastic surgeon in Phoenix for your breast lift, learning about what makes some doctors different, can help you find the best plastic surgeon in Phoenix for your individual breast lift surgery needs. Often finding a board-certified plastic surgeon is a great way to ensure that your surgery will be a success. Make sure to ask the plastic surgeons you meet with, about any specialty training they may have, or if they offer their patients breast lift techniques that other plastic surgeons in Phoenix don’t, as these questions can help to determine which is the best surgeon for you.
Ask You Doctor for a Referral to Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix
Asking one’s primary care doctor for a referral to a plastic surgeon in Phoenix for breast lift surgery, is a great way to begin your research, as doctors generally only refer patients to plastic surgeons that they trust, who have an established reputation for providing patients with successful outcomes.
While the plastic surgeon your doctor refers you to may come highly recommended, one should still be prepared to ask pertinent questions about their experience and plastic surgery training. It is paramount that one chooses a surgeon that takes the time to answer both questions on their background as well as address patient concerns related to the procedure discussed. During the interview process, ask to see before and after photos from prior breast-lift patients. Surgeons who are confident in their surgical skills and their ability to provide the best before and after results, are generally more than happy to share pictures with prospective patients. Some upon request may also be willing to share testimonials written by former satisfied patients.