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One reason that heart disease and related conditions are so prevalent amongst women today is that it has been long assumed that such problems are generally limited to men only. This misconception often leads many women in Arizona to neglect having important routine check ups, making it easy for them to dismiss even the clearest of symptoms of hear disease. Even with their is a wealth of information about women’s heart health available today, many women in Arizona die needlessly, often simply because they did not realize that they were at risk for a heart attack.

If you have a family history of any type of heart problems, it is in your best interest to seek the care of a , as they can recommend the best ways for you to lower your risk of developing heart disease, as well as monitor your cardiovascular health on an ongoing basis, if necessary.

Even women who are not predisposed to heart disease should still have routine check ups with their doctor to better understand what their own personal risk factors are. Simply taking some positive steps to improve one’s everyday lifestyle can truly have a significant impact on lowering the risk of developing potentially serious cardiac problems.

Live A Heart health Lifestyle

One of the most beneficial steps in lowering your risk is to make positive changes in your eating habits. If you are accustomed to a diet that is high in fat or frequently eat foods high in animal fat such as red meat, you should consider eating a more balanced diet that includes more fruits and vegetables, and begin limiting the consumption foods that are high in saturated fat, with little nutritional value.

Speak with your doctor about beginning a safe and effective an exercise program, that is able to be maintained long term, and fits into your everyday lifestyle. Those who feel too busy, or simply do not have the time to work out at the gym, can find many different forms of exercise or group sport to participate in.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking can significantly lower many risks associated with heart disease. If smoking has been a for many years, strongly consider quitting, as your doctor can help you find the the many resources currently available in and around the Phoenix area that can help you quit smoking.

It is imperative that women be empowered and take responsibility for their heart health. This includes taking the necessary steps and precautions to lower their risks of heart disease, seeking a professional evaluation, and to being aware of the signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention.