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Tucson Dental Implant Specialist, Dr Mark Larsen



Dr. Mark Larsen



3986 N Campbell Ave 
Tucson,  AZ  85719 




Natural Looking Smiles


If you suffered a singe tooth loss, dental implants may very well be the one tooth solution for that can give you back the confidence that comes with a beautiful natural looking smile.   Unlike other options such as bridges and dentures, dental implants are a much more permanent, thus seemingly universally more appealing solution for those men and women who want to turn back the hands of time and “recover” the smile they once had.

With dental implants it’s easier than ever to replace teeth lost to periodontal disease or injury. 
 Dental implant procedures do require a multi step approach to ensure you have a “restoration” that is a natural looking and feeling as possible.

Speaking with Dr. Larsen about your goals and desired appearance can help him devise a treatment plan that will give you the look and feel you one had with your natural teeth. Don’t delay, and don’t let the feeling of insecurities caused by tooth loss deter you from living your best life possible.