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Fertility Doctors Phoenix – Infertility Specialists Help Men and Women Fertility doctors in Phoenix explain that infertility can be characterized as the inability to achieve successful pregnancy after approximately one year for younger women, and as little as six months for those who are older. Unlike other medical issues, infertility is generally not a condition that is reversible without medical intervention, or a visit to one of the top fertility doctors Phoenix has to offer.

In Vitro Fertilization specialists and fertility doctors explain that issues associated with infertility can be the result of a combination of several different male and female factors, thus clinics that provide fertility treatment options that address both male infertility as well as issues on the to female side, often give patients seeking fertility treatment in Phoenix the best chance for success. Like many who have experienced difficulty getting pregnant, you may be unsure as to when to visit a doctor or specialist for treatment.

Couples who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive often discover how invaluable a consultation with fertility doctors in Phoenix can be. Those uncertain if their unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy actually requires infertility treatment can also benefit from learning about options for assisted reproduction that a doctor specializing in infertility treatment in Arizona can offer. Starting a Family Those in the early stages of planning a family with no history of prior infertility, could follow some of the simple steps below, which might help achieve pregnancy faster, keeping in mind however, that should pregnancy not be achieved within an appropriate time frame, a doctor or specialist in assisted reproductive medicine should be sought out as soon a possible, as often, delaying treatment can lower one’s chances for achieving successful pregnancy through fertility treatment.
• Increased sexual activity: Having intercourse 2-3 times per week might increase the chances of pregnancy.
• Home tests and charting: Ovulation predictor test kits and body temperature charting may sometimes help couples pinpoint when they are most likely to get pregnant.
• Lifestyle: Caffeine, alcohol and smoking might have a negative impact on fertility.
• Relaxation: Yoga and meditation have shown to reduce stress levels that can adversely affect the ability to conceive.

Assisted Reproduction If repeated unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy lead you to believe that you or your partner could benefit from meeting with specialists for treatment, don’t worry…you are not alone. Start by taking the time necessary to understand some of the different treatment options available to you, and meet with area specialists to learn about assisted reproduction, including the choices you have to address both male and female issues, such as IVF and ICSI.

Knowing your options might help you decide what is best for you and your partner’s individual needs.

Find a Fertility Doctor in Phoenix A fertility doctor in Phoenix or infertility specialist in the Phoenix area is sometimes the last place many turn to for fertility treatment. However, a fertility doctor is likely the first specialist that a family practice doctor or OBGYN will refer patients struggling with infertility to, for IVF, or other types of fertility treatment. Fertility doctors in Phoenix can play a large role in addressing issues that impact both male and female infertility, as treatments such as in vitro fertilization, when performed with the best techniques often result in successful pregnancy.

It is essential that those considering meeting with on of the many fertility doctors in Phoenix AZ for treatment, understand how important it is to consult with a fertility doctor, as soon as any signs of infertility become evident. Being proactive often allows couples to have more treatment options available to them initially, as with the passing of time some options become less viable.

What to Ask your Doctor

Those seeking help from a fertility doctor in Arizona are lucky to have several top specialists to choose from for their care. Knowing what questions to ask the fertility doctors or specialists you meet with can help you find the best one for your individual needs. Leading fertility doctors in the area are not offended when patients ask questions concerning their reputation, education, success rates or experience in reproductive medicine, as the best in Arizona are generally more than willing to explain what distinguishes them from other infertility doctors in the area.

When searching for fertility doctors in Phoenix for your treatment, be sure to ask the doctors you meet with about board certification, as well as questions regarding the accreditation or certification of the clinic’s staff, as the answers you get might lead you to one step closer to making the best decision possible for your care. Statistics Patients considering In Vitro Fertilization should be sure to inquire as to the significance of invitro success rates. Understanding the importance of these success rates, as well as how they can be affected buy other related statistics, can give patients a great deal of insight into the how successful a particular specialist or clinic is.

In Vitro Fertilization in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ Fertility doctors in Phoenix explain that IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, is a multi-step process that a fertility doctor in the Phoenix area can use to treat many different types of fertility issues. The term “In Vitro Fertilization”, or IVF, comes from the Latin words “in vitro”, meaning “within glass”. IVF involves a fertility doctor fertilizing a female egg with male sperm outside the body. While IVF, or in vitro fertilization, involves leading medical technology, the pregnancy itself is traditional and carried to term in-utero.

Fertility doctors in Phoenix explain that women who choose to undergo IVF will often begin treatment by taking fertility drugs or hormones, prescribed by their doctor, to aid in the harvesting of eggs. As part the IVF process, eggs are separated from surrounding cells to allow better accessibility for the sperm, which is then combined together with the egg. Once fertilized, and after cells have begun to multiply, the best quality embryos (usually 2) are then placed into the uterus with a small catheter. Some fertility clinics in Phoenix use different methods to determine which day (day 3, day 4, or day 5) is best for an embryo transfer to be made. Remaining embryos are cryopreserved (frozen) and may be transferred in the future. This process is known as frozen embryo transfer (FET), and is an excellent and cost saving option, especially in some Phoenix area fertility clinics, in the event that one IVF cycle is not successful, or if a couple plans to also have a second child after a successful In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure. This is also a great option for women who want to preserve childbearing ability before undergoing medical treatments such a chemotherapy that may influence their future reproductive health.

Those seeking IVF in Phoenix AZ, regardless of which fertility doctor or fertility clinic in Phoenix is chosen, can expect similar treatment protocols. The Phoenix area fertility doctor you choose should be board certified in the subspecialty of infertility. IVF IVF success rates vary amongst Phoenix fertility centers often due to the types of patients and related diagnoses treated. It is not unusual for some centers to be more selective than others regarding the type of patients they choose to treat, while others offer treatment to a broader group of patients, who often have a more difficult time getting pregnant. It is important to note that clinics that choose to treat patients with more difficult cases of infertility often see their success rates negatively impacted.

Fertility doctors at Phoenix area fertility clinics point out that despite following the guidelines set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine regarding the number of embryos to be transferred per cycle, the IVF procedure does sometimes result in multiple births. For some seeking fertility treatment in Arizona, this is welcomed. Cost of In Vitro Fertilization Those in Phoenix seeking in vitro fertilization, and other forms of fertility treatment from Phoenix area infertility specialists, are often surprised to discover that the cost of IVF is less than they had previously thought. Many are also surprised to discover that some of the cost of fertility drugs and diagnostic testing are often covered by insurance. Although in vitro fertilization (IVF) may not be, on the surface, the least costly method of assisted reproduction, it may actually be more cost effective in the long run because it reduces the time sometimes misspent on less effective or inadequate therapies for the patient’s specific condition. And time (patient’s age) is the single most influential issue affecting fertility.

Seeking assistance from a fertility doctor in the Phoenix area, sooner rather than later, when the chances for success are often greater, is recommended if you are affected by infertility.

Phoenix Fertility Clinics Provide Infertility Treatment and Hope A fertility clinic in Phoenix AZ can offer options such as IVF, as well as other forms of infertility treatment, to help patients achieve successful pregnancy. No fertility clinic in Phoenix can guarantee that your treatment will result in a successful pregnancy, however, it is important to note that all fertility clinics in Phoenix are not equal, thus choosing the best fertility clinic Phoenix has to offer might have a great impact on your ability to get pregnant.

Finding a Fertility Clinic in Arizona The decision as to which fertility clinic in Phoenix is best for your care can be a hard one to make. When comparing one clinic to another, things such as different treatment protocols, as well as IVF success rates, and the statistics behind them, can confuse even the savviest patient. These issues combined with the host of other considerations one must take into account, make determining what makes particular clinic or doctor is better than another almost impossible to do. Phoenix area IVF patients are lucky to have several top fertility clinics to choose from for their care. Having a choice when it comes to IVF or other forms of fertility treatment is a luxury that some living outside of the Phoenix area, do not have. These options can give those seeking infertility treatment a greater sense of hope, which can have a positive impact throughout their entire treatment process. Prices and Other Considerations The cost of IVF or other infertility treatments can vary from one clinic in Arizona to another. Many forms of infertility treatment are not covered by health insurance, thus prospective patients, or those considering In Vitro fertilization in Arizona should be prepared that the cost of IVF and related treatments will likely have to be paid out of pocket. However, often is the case that the costs for much of the diagnostic testing and the fertility drugs required prior to treatment are covered by insurance.

One should make it a point to find out if the clinic they are considering for treatment offers any payment plans or had financing available for IVF.