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Hair Transplants

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Phoenix Men Concerned About Their Hair Loss

A hair transplant, or surgical hair restoration, is a minimally invasive surgical hair restoration procedure that hair transplant doctors can perform for men and women, to treat hair loss. A hair transplant surgeon performs hair restoration surgery by harvesting hair follicles from the back of the head, to transplant to affected areas. After hair transplant surgery, doctors explain that transplanted hair will last and generally continue to grow indefinitely.

Hair transplant surgery can be an effective procedure to treat and stop the appearance of hair loss in men and women, whose hair has fallen out as a result of age, genetics, changes in hormone levels or after the use of certain medications.

Although a hair transplant is most often performed to remedy pattern baldness, it can also correct other cosmetic issues such as scars from face lift surgery, or hair restoration surgery after hair loss as a result of burns or other types of trauma.

Hair Restoration Options

Although many doctors agree that hair transplantation surgery is the most effective treatment to re grow hair, there are many other hair loss treatment options available in the Phoenix area. Prescription medications as well as over the counter topical treatments, have proven to be successful to stop or slow the progression of certain types of hair loss.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplants also referred to as surgical hair restoration, has greatly evolved over the years. In previous years restoration surgery was centered around large “hair grafts” or “hair plugs”, which often produced very unnatural looking results. In the past, many considering transplantation surgery opted for other treatment options, as often doctors were only able to provide seemingly less than desirable hair transplant results, with transplanted hair growing in at an odd angles, or large areas of transplanted hair surrounded by patches of baldness.