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Phoenix Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy – BHRT

Women who are pre and perimenopausal often start hormone replacement therapy to help address the common symptoms of menopause. Many are switching from synthetic to bio identical hormones for HRT because of the side effects and risks associated with synthetics. Bio identical hormones are research-proven as safe, side effect free and effective for treating symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and irritability.

Hormone replacement or HRT for men is often used to replace the testosterone they no longer produce at the levels they once did. Using bio identical hormones for HRT has been shown to benefit males in many ways, including helping to prevent weight gain and promote cardiovascular health.

Doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Phoenix offer bio identical HRT in many different forms including creams, pills, injections and patches. Today some hormone doctors in Phoenix AZ prefer to use bio identical hormone pellets for HRT because they work with the body to release hormones into the blood stream as needed. Phoenix hormone replacement doctors can customize bio identical hormone replacement pellet therapy to each patient’s specific needs, making pellet therapy an ideal treatment for both men and women.

Bio identical hormone replacement in the form of HRT hormone pellets is increasingly popular with those seeking hormone replacement therapy in Phoenix and around the country. While pellets have been available for years, few hormone doctors in Phoenix are trained in their use and therefore don’t make them available to their hormone replacement therapy patients. In reality, bio identical hormone replacement pellet therapy is a simple treatment which uses tiny BHRT pellets made of naturally derived hormones. These hormones are bio identical, on a molecular basis, to our natural human hormones.

Phoenix doctors who provide bio identical hormone replacement pellet therapy explain that they are able to return patients to natural hormonal balance by properly administering the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen is an important component of female HRT offering protection from osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases. BHRT pellet therapy uses testosterone for men and women due to strong evidence of its many benefits that include improving libido and mental clarity and increasing muscle tone and mass.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Bio Identical Hormones
Thousands of men and women in the Phoenix area and elsewhere are now choosing bio identical hormone replacement pellet therapy and reporting that it feels like a miracle cure for many of their aging-related complaints. They prefer BHRT in pellet form over synthetic HRT because it’s derived from natural plant-based sources and provides a safe, effective, and natural alternative.

It is important to note that HRT is not a new field in medicine, and when done correctly, BHRT can restore diminished hormone levels to a normal, balanced state. When seeking treatment in Arizona, it is vital to select a hormone doctor who truly understands the science of hormone replacement therapy and can provide the treatment that is best for you.

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