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Laser Liposuction

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Laser Liposuction Phoenix Seeks Alternatives to Traditional Lipo

Laser liposuction Phoenix liposuction doctors explain, might very well be one of the best things to happen to liposuction in Phoenix in a long lime. Laser liposuction Phoenix doctors point out, is often sought by men and women who discover that despite a proper diet and regular exercise, they still do not have the body they desire. Laser liposuction Phoenix men and women agree, is a great way to address unwanted fat in common problem areas, without many of the risks that are normally associated with traditional lipo surgery. Since liposuction has proven to be an effective surgery for fat removal and reduction for many years, the advent of laser liposuction in Phoenix or smart lipo, as some call it, has been well received, as this type of liposuction may be safer and more effective on certain parts of the body when compared to traditional lipoplasty surgery.

Many of the types of lazer assisted liposuction Phoenix patients can avail themselves of are FDA approved and employ leading edge technology wich provide doctors in Phoenix a unique and modern variation on traditional lipo to offer their patients. Advantages include the fact that the entire procedure is performed while patients are awake, as laser lipo requires only the use of a local anesthetic to preform.

What to Expect

Laser-lipo surgery can take from a few minutes up to an hour or more, depending on how many, or how large the treatment area involved is. Lipo doctors perform the procedure by injecting a solution which also acts as an anesthetic, directly into the areas being treated. Using a tiny poke hole doctors insert a tiny instrument called a cannula, through which a laser can be used to melt unwanted fat. Liquefied fat is then easily sucked out with much less trauma to the body than occurs with traditional lipo surgery. Lasers also seals off blood vessels during the procedure, which greatly reduces bleeding and post surgical bruising.

Vaser Lipo has Benefits

Another benefit to this lipo alternative is that Vaser Lipo has shown to promote firmer younger looking skin in and around treatment area, following surgery. This is made possible as the use of lasers can stimulate collagen growth which can result in a patients skin having a tighter more youthful appearance.

The safety, ease and precision of this lipo alternative allows Vaser to sometimes be used on parts of the body such as the knees, and areas on and around the face, chin and neck. It has also been highly successful when used as a form of gynecomastia surgery, for male breast reduction.

What to Know Before Getting Lipo

With any medical procedure there are always risks to consider. However it seems as though much of the risk associated with traditional lipo are minimized or eliminated as laser assisted lipo, uses local anesthetic and incisions small enough to allow some patients to return home from surgery with just a bandaid to begin recovery.