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LASIK Phoenix – Laser Eye Surgery in Arizona

LASIK, Phoenix eye doctors explain is a popular form of laser eye surgery that many eye doctors in Arizona use to treat nearsightedness, as well as farsightedness and astigmatism.

Those considering Lasik in Phoenix should feel confident that they are making a safe choice, as LASIK is one of the safest forms of laser eye surgery Phoenix has to offer. Thousands have had Lasik surgery in Phoenix since it was FDA approved in the mid 1990’s. Lasik, Phoenix eye surgeons explain, is not for everyone, however some eye doctors do offer advanced forms of lasik to Phoenix area patients giving those previously ineligible, for laser eye surgery, a chance to live without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

What to Expect
Laser eye surgery is painless and requires only the use of aesthetic drops that eye surgeons use to numb the eye just prior to surgery. Lasik requires eye doctors to reshape the cornea, thus the doctor must create what is known as a corneal or “hinged” flap in the epithelium, the clear outer portion of the eye, which protects the cornea. Doctors then use what is known as an excimer laser to ablate the exposed section of cornea, reshaping it, thus correcting the patients vision to the best visual acuity possible.

Laser eye surgery only requires a few minutes per eye, and many laser eye surgery patients experience improved vision just moments after surgery. While the risks associated with surgery are low, one of the newest forms of LASIK, IntraLase makes them even lower as Intralase is completely bladeless thus making it unnecessary for even the most cautious patient to schedule separate surgeries on each eye. With IntraLase or traditional forms of surgery most patients are able to resume normal activities in a few days.

Risks and Benefits of LASIK
While perfect sight through laser vision correction can’t be guaranteed, some studies show that over fifty percent of patients do achieve at least 20/20 after the procedure, with most achieving at least 20/40 after vision correction.

Complication rates are extremely low, with serious complications such as corneal damage occurring in less than one percent patients. Those choosing to have their procedure performed using new technologies such as Intralase can likely expect these statistics to be reduced to an even lower figure.

Are you a Candidate?
Surgery is generally only indicated for healthy individuals over 18 years of age. Patients must also be able to demonstrate that their eyeglass prescription has not changed for a period of specified by their doctor.

• Contraindications can include:
• Diseases such as glaucoma
• A thin cornea (although alternatives are available for many patients)
• Refractive instability (a prescription that frequently changes)
• Recent infection or injury to the eyes
• Medical condition that can hamper the healing process

Vision correction can change your life for the better. Knowing the facts and understanding your options can help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

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