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Mammograms Phoenix Women Need Facts

The saying “Early detection- early cure” is the most accurate way of summing up why women should have mammograms. It is important, however, to be more informative, as many women do not know why this truism can be personally relevant to them.

The earlier a cancer is detected, the better the person’s chance will be for survival. The reason for this is that if the cancer is found in its earliest stages, the patient can undergo appropriate treatment before it has had the chance to spread to other parts of the body– possibly even past the range of treatment. Not only does this mean that the earlier it is detected the less radical treatment will be needed, but the longer a cancer has gone undetected, the lower the person’s chance of long term survival.

In addition to providing early detection, women should have mammograms because they are also the best means of detection. While many these days are urged to make routine self-exams a regular part of their lifestyle, it should be made clear that this does not discount the need for routine mammograms. Although self-exams can be very beneficial in terms of noticing small changes or irregularities, thus prompting a visit to one’s physician for an evaluation, these self-exams cannot be a replacement for having a mammogram done on a regular basis.

Regular Mammograms – Important

Whether you elect to have mammograms at a specialized radiology center, or through any other health care location, this type of breast imaging is currently the best tool available in your defense against breast cancer. Regardless of how efficient and conscientious you are about performing monthly self-exams, the fact is that only a mammogram is capable of detecting the smallest changes in the inner tissues where they can not been seen or felt. When you have a mammogram, the radiologist who is trained to spot such tiny irregularities, will inform your physician if anything is found. Your physician will recommend the best course of action. In most cases this means testing to determine whether the findings are malignant, or whether they stem from some other, non-cancerous cause.

The bottom line as to why you should have mammograms is that this procedure is your best defense against breast cancer. It will not prevent you from developing this disease; but, if you do develop it, a mammogram can be the best chance of saving your life. It can also be your best chance at the highest possible quality life if you do develop breast cancer. When cancer is caught in its earliest stage, not only does this significantly increase one’s chance of long-term survival, it also decreases the need for the more radical forms of treatment. At present, mammograms are the one form of breast cancer detection that is the most accurate in finding breast cancer in its earliest stage. While you should include monthly self-exams as a regular part of your schedule, it is important to keep in mind that routine mammograms at a Phoenix area imaging center or your doctors office are still a necessary part of better health.