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The word is getting out!  Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa, Ariz, has the distinction of being home to one of only a  handful of MAKOplasty® robots, in the entire US, in fact, there are only approximately  150 of these types of Robots in North America.  While the use of robots in the operating room is becoming more common place for certain types of GYN or urologic procedures, the many advantages of a robotic assisted, partial knee replacement have by many accounts gone largely unrecognized by the general public as with osteoarthritis,  are not aware that this type of technology exists. Robotic


What is Knee Surgery?

MAKOplasty procedures are designed to help assist your orthopedic surgeon during the planing stages prior to surgery as well as during your surgical procedre by helping them better align the implants used for knee replacement with your anatomy to help ensure that your outcome will be as desirable as possible.  Doctors note that through the use of robotic assisted techniques,  many of the issues that can arise after traditional “open” knee replacement” may be eliminated.

Who Can Benefit?

Those in the Phoenix area who have been diagnosed with early stage or even slightly more advanced forms of osteoarthritis may be candidates for the procedure.

Robotic Partial Knee Resurfacing

Osteoarthritis is a condition that impacts may in Arizona, especially due to our larger “baby-boomer” population.  Osteoarthritis (also known as “wear and tear” arthritis” is viewed by doctors as the most common form of the condition and impacts men and women of all ages. The use of the MAKOplasty® robot during knee allows knee surgeons to be more precise, intraoperatively thus only treating the parts of the knee that are arthritic (diseased) thus allowing more of the healthy non- arthritic area to be preserved, while computer generated 3 dimensional images allow for more precise placement of the implants used for knee replacements. 


If you or someone you know has been told that you are a candidate for partial knee replacement surgery, a robotic assisted procedure may be a good option to consider.   Patients should speak to their doctor to see if makoplasty might be right for their individual needs.