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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation in Phoenix – Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeons Treat Urinary Incontinence

Cosmetic vaginal surgeons in Phoenix as well as gynecologists explain that Stress urinary incontinence, is the most commonly seen form of female urinary incontinance in Arizona. Also known as SUI, this is common condition affects countless women in Phoenix AZ. LVR or laser vaginal rejuvenation Phoenix cosmetic vaginal surgeons note, can correct the damage that childbirth can cause to the muscles associated with bladder control and urine flow. For women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence, laughing, coughing, or other seemingly innocuous forms of exertion can cause involuntary urine loss.

Many women are unaware that procedures such as laser vaginal rejuvenation in Phoenix is available to treat SUI, thus simply assume that stress urinary incontinence is a natural part of the aging process, or inevitable after childbirth. Because of the lack of information about laser vaginal rejuvenation for stress urinary incontinence or information about the availability of cosmetic vaginal surgery in Phoenix, many continue to live in fear of embarrassing urine leaks, often avoiding situations that may cause an embarrasing accident. Many avoid going to the gym or comedy shows on television for fears that uncontrolled laughter will result in an uncontrolled bladder.

Stress Urinary Incontinence Cure Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Stress urinary incontinence is often related to what is called vaginal relaxation or loosness. This is a health issue characterized by weakened muscles causing vaginal looseness or laxity. If left unaddressed, relaxed vaginal muscles could contribute to uterine prolapse, where the uterus begins to fall through the vagina.

Meeting with a cosmetic vaginal surgeon in Phoenix can help you understand your treatment options , including cosmetic vaginal tightening surgery such as laser vaginal rejuvenation combined with what is known as a TVT mesh sling. Together these two procedures often give women in Phoenix the ability to cure their stress incontinence and regain urinary control.

During vaginal tightening surgery Phoenix cosmetic vaginal surgeons use the a mesh sling to address and treat incontinaince issues with great success. Both Vaginal rejuvenation and the sling procedure can be done together or seperatly on an out-patient basis. The mesh sling procedure uses two small incisions, to place the mesh sling that is then stretched across the urethra returning the ability to control the flow of urine.

Combining treatment for stress urinary incontinence with cosmetic vaginal surgery Phoenix doctors explain is logical as vaginal rejuveantion or vaginoplasty can be used for tightening and strengthening the muscles around the vagina which addresses the root cause of many cases of stress related incontinence. Surgery will reduce both the inner and outer diameters of the vagina, leaving a smaller opening and better muscle control. An added benefit to vaginal tightenig surgery is that in addition to treating SUI, it has shown to be effective in enhancing sensation during intimate encounters. .

Understanding your options for the treatment of SUI can give Phoenix area women the knowledge to make the best choices for their care.

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