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Vasectomy Reversal Phoenix Doctors Provide Male Infertility Treatment in Arizona

Vasectomy reversal surgery to reverse a prior vasectomy is a procedure where specially trained doctors or micro surgeons re-attach the vas deferens, which is severed during a vasectomy. Doctors specializing in reversal surgery in Arizona must use special techniques and microsurgical instruments under high-powered magnification to perform vasectomy reversal surgery that is successful. In the hands of the best vasectomy reversal surgeons or a doctor who specializes vasectomy reversal or specialist, reversing vasectomies can have extremely high success rates.


Male infertility resulting from a prior vasectomy can often be reversed through a surgical reversing procedure known as a vasovasostomy. This surgical approach is only an option when doctors deem that no blockage or damage to the vas deferens or epididymis is present. When a vasovasostomy is contraindicated, often doctors that are trained to deal with reversing vasectomies will perform a procedure known as a vasoepididymostomy.

Doctors in Phoenix AZ for Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

Taking the time necessary to find the best doctor for your individual needs and gaining basic knowledge about what the different types of surgeries entail, can help ensure your procedure results in success. Knowing what questions to ask Phoenix area urologists can contribute to successful surgery. Microsurgeons perform reversal surgery by creating a small incision in the scrotum, which allows them to check for possible blockage, which will determine and whether a vasovasostomy or a vasoepididymostomy is indicated. Since it is usually not decided if a vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy is needed, until surgery begins, many feel that the level of expert experience the urologic surgeon you choose has with regard to a vasoepididymostomy can play a large role in the ultimate success of the procedure.

Male Infertility

Treating male infertility via surgically reversing prior vasectomies can ultimately be the best decision couples can make to achieve successful pregnancy. When comparing the procedure to other forms of treatment for male infertility, such as IVF, many doctors believe that attempting to undo the effects of prior vasectomies can in some cases give couples a better chance of successful conception.

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